Besides the fact that the nutrition facts of Coca-Cola are rather scary and that the drink is considered to be one of the unhealthiest under the Sun, Coca-Cola still can be very useful and helpful thing, when it comes to cleaning around the house and also around the office and your workplace. This may surprise you, but Coca-Cola is really great for stain removal goals as well as many other house cleaning purposes out there, because of the high acidity of the fizzy drink. It is surprising to know in how many ways the fizzy drink can help you with cleaning, so keep reading and learn more!

A toilet cleaner

This miracle beverage can be used successfully to substitute the conventional toilet cleaning solutions (we do not want to sound really that bad, but most probably Coca-Cola and conventional toilet cleaners maybe share a few ingredients). Everything you have to do is the same like using your normal toilet cleaner, simply pour a can or a small bottle into the bowl and wait for an hour by leaving the fizzy drink does its magic. Then scrub with a brush, flush and you will enjoy a sparkling clean toilet.

A bug-killer

This one sounds too scary to think in more details of, right? However, Coca-Cola is great for killing bugs, really. Bugs are attracted by the sweetness of the drink and then destroyed. You can use the beverage for the purpose of spraying it on the hills in your garden to get rid of ants, for example. Coca-Cola is a way cheaper pesticide than anything available on the market and as well working as the conventional ones.

Getting rid of rust

That is right, Coca-Cola is great for removing rust and so and bringing back the initial sparkle and shine of anything made out of metal. Cola has phosphoric acid that causes the rust to loosen.

A paint-remover

This is great for all of you that have just survived a big project and have to deal with after builders cleaning. Coca-Cola is great for removing even dried paint spots and stains that are left on metal surfaces and others. All you have to do is putting a few drops of the beverage on a towel and then rub the spot out. Wait a few seconds and go back over it with soapy water to remove the sticky residue left.

Washing dishes

Well, not really great for washing dishes, but Coca-Cola does wonder for bringing those burnt and crusted-on pans and pots back to life and shine.

Stain remover

Coca-Cola is not only cheaper than the conventional stain removers but also it could be way better in removing the annoying and stubborn stains and deodorising also. The beverage is especially effective in removing deep oil stains and even things like gum that is stuck to fibres and fabrics and so on. Coca-Cola is also great for cleaning up blood (although this sounds very creepy, we know that).