When it comes to cleaning, even simple things like your own house cleaning, or a quick office cleaning, it is all a matter of learning and gaining experience, if you want to make things properly, fast and to enjoy perfect final results. We understand that for many people being a good cleaner and organiser don’t request a lot of skills and it is pretty much not rocket science. Others will tell you that they are not interested to be good at cleaning at all. Finally, there are people that want to get better, but keep making the same old mistakes. In fact, cleaning is definitely not your next hobby you have to spend all your free time on. It is just a way to keep your surrounding environment neat, cosy and pleasant and this pretty much has a great impact on your life, no matter if you know that, or not.

Even the people you are admiring for their cleaning skills, mostly your mother and your grandmother, even they make mistakes, but they have the advantage of having more experience than you and know how to deal with all those mistakes. To be good at cleaning is not a matter of not making mistakes at all, it is a matter of learning from your mistakes and knowing how to prevent them.

Today we are sharing with you a few popular cleaning myths:

Polish have to be sprayed directly on wooden furniture

Overspray may damage surfaces nearby like painted or wallpapered walls, fabrics and so on. What can you do? Simply spray a clean cloth and then wipe off the surfaces.

Hard surfaces have to be dusted last

The way dusting goes is always top to bottom, left to right and before vacuuming the floors and these are the only recommended rules for successful dusting.

Vacuums are meant to be used only on carpets

You can use your vacuum and its multitude tools to clean on ceiling fans, window seals, drapes, upholstered furniture and almost anything around the house.

Most cleaning detergents you use, the better

In fact, what Winnie the Pooh is saying “The more is more” is not the right way to think of cleaning products. Be sure to use only the recommended amount, when using a product, because in the most cases the recommended amount contains of just the right concentration you need for getting rid of a stain, or for some other purpose. Otherwise, you will just waste your time and money in cleaning the excess.

Rinsing is a myth

With today’s variety of eco-friendly and safe cleaning products, rinsing is not a necessary thing anymore. Often all that you need to do is wiping down with a damp cloth and that’s it. Be sure always to pay attention to the instructions and manufacturer’s recommendations.