No matter the size, the age, the condition of your home, it is your home and it has to feel cosy and inviting, cheerful and inspirational and set you in the right mood for relaxation, spending quality time and feeling good in general. No matter where you live, it is your main responsibility to make sure your home is clean healthy and safe. However, with so many things we have to handle on an everyday basis, including balancing between a full-time job, family and a number of other tasks and responsibilities we have, house cleaning is often not on the top of the priority list. As much as we love a clean and inviting home, dealing with the process of cleaning and maintaining it is also a matter of time and energy we often lack. Don’t worry, because there is a solution even in such situations. Today we are sharing with you a few simple and inspirational ideas on how to clean your home without actually deep cleaning it or said with other words – how to freshen up your home quick and easy.

  • Easy-peasy cleaning – Everything is much easier when you have the right tools and they are easy to access. House maintenance included. Whether your tools and products of choice are microfiber cloths, expensive vacuum cleaner, simple feather duster or home-made detergent is a matter of your personal choice and works the best for you and your household. Placing them strategically in one easy-to-access place and organise them is a matter of good habits and desire to be more effective.
  • In-between clean – You are the one knowing your home, its needs and what works the best in terms of maintaining the best. However, sometimes we, humans, tend to be stubborn creatures that believe that the way we do things is the best way. Surprise, surprise, it is not true at all! Adopting some new and helpful cleaning habits is the best thing you can do to make your routine more effective and timely. In-between cleaning is a good thing to learn how to incorporate into your lifestyle. Don’t wait a particular day to deal with an issue and mess you have just noticed. As much as we love a consistent and well-organised routine, some things can be done immediately and that way you are going to save more time and avoid possible issues.
  • Learn how to be organised before learning how to clean your home. Even the best-working and most effective maintenance systems and strategies won’t make a significant difference and won’t save you time if you have to deal with clutter. De-cluttering and tiding up actually take more time than the cleaning process itself. Try to stay organised and find a system that works best for you. Don’t miss anything along the process and set the organisational system at your wardrobe, in the living room, your vanity, your garage, etc. Clutter-free surfaces and areas are so much easier to clean and take care of.