Glad to see you back, since today we continue sharing with you some helpful tips and tricks for autumn cleaning as well as our useful autumn house cleaning checklist for the inside of your home. Since we have already discussed all important chores and tasks you need to do outside the house, before the colder winter days are already here, let’s go more in deep and have a look at what really requires your attention and cleaning skills between the four walls of your house, so you can get ready for the winter season.

Autumn season is the perfect time for reorganising your life and your house too and making it a cosier and more comfortable place for the days you are going to spend in when the winter temperatures are not allowing you to be out. This is a very exciting period for some of us and less exciting for others that need some more motivation and inspiration for this big, but worthy seasonal one-off cleaning. It is also about the right time to tack all the tasks you have missed during the year and wrap up the summer lifestyle to slowly, but surely transition into your winter habits and routines.

Overall, some major and thorough deep cleaning now, in autumn, is your last chance to benefit from some good weather and to welcome the approaching holiday season in a neat, tidy, convenient and cosy home. Anyway, if you are about some serious cleaning and a strong routine, here is a helpful checklist to try and adapt to your own house:

  • Start with public rooms that are the most used in your house like living, family rooms, entryway, guest bath too. Remain maintaining these clean during the colder season.
  • Always clean and dust around from top to bottom. Vacuum drapes and window treatments, clean window sills and wells, vacuum baseboards and corners.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture or hire a professional upholstery cleaning service.
  • Wash interior windows.
  • Turn mattresses to equalize wear.
  • Clean and wash all bedding – mattress pads, pillows, duvets, blankets, comforters.
  • Schedule professional carpet cleaning in September or October.
  • Clean and organise kitchen cabinets and get ready for holiday cooking.
  • Clean all kitchen appliances and store them back, if you do not use them that often.
  • Pull refrigerator off the wall and vacuum the condenser coils.
  • Wash light-diffusing bowls from light fixtures.
  • Stock up on bags with salt now to avoid slipping into icy sidewalks later.
  • Check and empty the collection area of the central vacuum.
  • Make electronic air cleaner elements work better and more efficient by cleaning them. You can wash them in an empty dishwasher.
  • Clean or replace humidifier elements if needed.
  • Inspect washer hoses for splits, cracks and other possible issues. Be sure to replace them every other year.
  • Check dryer exhaust tube for built-up lint, debris or even birds’ nests.
  • Drain sediment from hot water heaters.

If you make sure to do all these chores and cross them off the list, we guarantee a comfortable and happy winter!