You are trying to sell your house? Have you listed it on the real estate market already? Then maybe you are familiar with the rival environment there and the number of competitors you have to conquer to win over the heart of the potential buyer. Well, yes, selling your home can be a very intense experience you don't always know how to deal with and how to handle. Standing out from the crowd in such a rival environment and making a good impression in a place, where clients are used to be impressed a lot and frequently is not an easy thing. In addition, selling your home also means a very stressful and overwhelming period for you, because you are changing your lifestyle, often balancing between a full-time job, family and organising moving out. So we can understand that dealing with marketing tricks and advertising specific in order to sell your house faster is not exactly standing on the top of your priority list. Because of that, we are recommending you to play safe and bet on the old classic that no one can say no to – a simple and clean house that makes people feel cosy and invited. That is it, really, as simple as that!

Hiring a professional end of tenancy service or a cleaning service for estate agents is always a good option. However, this is not the perfect solution for many of you due to a number of reasons. The pressure of making every showing an unforgettable and positive one in order to impress future clients is a big one, however, you don’t need too much to make a good impression and find a client in a shorter amount of time. You simply need cleanliness and tidiness, but how you are going to maintain these both while still living in the house, dealing with all the craziness of the everyday life and planning your moving out? Today we are sharing our best advice with you!

Your job as a seller of your house is making people really want to move into your house. A clean, tidy and cosy place are what your clients are looking for! It can be exhausting to maintain a clean appearance and feel all the time but believe us, all your energy is not going to be wasted! If you are having the luck to live in a big house with many rooms and different areas, you are most probably not in need of using all of them all the time. Try to reduce the activities in all the rooms as much as possible. Your kids do not need that spare bedroom to play in since they have their own rooms, right? Reducing your everyday living space will also reduce the need for a frequent and thorough cleaning as well as will save you the inconvenience of welcoming clients in a messy and cluttered house.

A showing can happen at any time, so the best way to reduce stress is always being prepared. Keep track of everyday clutter and mess and don’t let them overwhelm the house. Be consistent with your maintenance routine and schedule 15 minutes each day for a quick run-through. Showings are usually arranged during the day, so be sure to start the morning with a speed-clean around the house, it is better than jogging! You can trick clients believe that your house is thoroughly cleaned, when it is not. Getting rid of the clutter is a great way to make your home appear clean when it is really not. Try to focus on areas that attract more attention and make them your cleaning priority.