If there is one place around the house that needs to be extra clean along with all the things inside it, then this is the kitchen. Kitchen area and all the utensils, tools, small appliances and anything else inside the kitchen have to be maintained in perfect condition because this is the place, where food is prepared and most of the families spend a lot of their time. Because of that every bit of the kitchen area and every detail requires for attention and your care.

Cutting boards are one of those things we often forget they need our care and attention too, but they really do, considering the fact how much food they are in direct contact with. Especially when made out of plastic, cutting boards need a thorough cleaning every now and then. Stained cutting boards are not only not a pleasure for the eyes, but also something you have to treat seriously. If you are one of those people that have tried many different methods for getting rid of the nasty and stubborn stains, but without any particular result, then you may find this article very helpful.

The secret and very amazing plastic board stain removal is… lemon! That is right, the one and only lemon! You are maybe not believing us, but lemon is as effective as the most effective, but very expensive and highly toxic cleaning product you can buy in the store.

If you want to simply make your plastic cutting board clean, then you don’t need to clean it with lemon. Here is a simple, but very effective way to clean your plastic cutting board to perfection with only two ingredients – you can find the receipts here. However, this is not enough for removing all the stains.

Lemon is a cleaning staple for many, many house cleaning receipts and in this case lemon essential oil dissolved in water can do miracles for removing all the stains from different materials including plastic. You can also go straight to lemon juice too.

Everything you need to do is wiping your plastic cutting board with a sponge that is soaked in a solution of lemon essential oil and water. For an amount of ½ cup of water, you are going to need approx. 10 drops of lemon essential oil. After you have treated the cutting board with the solution, leave it outside to sit in the sunshine for a whole day and if it is possible – one more day too. And you will be amazed by the results because your plastic cutting board will look like brand new and all the stains will be gone! You can still see some of the cuts that are left from the knife, but all the stains will disappear for sure! You can forget about the expensive and toxic detergents now!

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