There is no getting away from the fact that it is almost impossible to be super organised and thoroughly clean your house perfectly all the time without a good schedule to follow. In fact, we all hardly ever have time to dust around and vacuum thoroughly with the hectic and stressful life we lead, however, house cleaning is still a necessity we have to deal with and here come all the struggles and worries of the people that don’t have a schedule to clean their homes according to a well-done organisational strategy and schedule. Because of that today we will share with you a few simple ideas on how to make the best cleaning schedule that will work wonders for your house and will make your life significantly easier and less stressful. Try it and you will be impressed! And if you still don’t have the time to follow it and cross over anything listed in the plan, then your case is definitely a job for the house cleaning specialists, so don’t hesitate to call them whenever you need them without feeling a single drop of a guilt! But first, let’s try to deal with the problem by ourselves!

How to make a cleaning schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule makes it easier to break the general job that has to be done down into manageable chunks, depending on the time you have on hand. The greatest secret is making a house cleaning routine that works the best for you, your house and the time you have on hand and how counting on a routine you have read about on the internet, or a friend has shared with you. Every case is different and you have to find out what is manageable and most comfortable for your case. Start by identifying the tasks you need to do in every room and how much time do you need for finishing with each of them. Whether it is daily, weekly or monthly, you also need to decide how often you are going to want each job to be done.

The all-important checklist

Now you understand the cleaning requirements of your home and you can continue with prioritising and getting everything organised with a house cleaning checklist. Remember to mark off everything you are ready dealing with for that great sense of accomplishment that motivates you, but don’t feel guilty if you don’t manage to accomplish everything from your list – at least, you are still trying options and working on your schedule, this is not the finale and you are looking for a way to optimise your house cleaning time, it is not a marathon! You may find it helpful to arrange your list by days of the week, so your weekend will be yours to enjoy and relax!

Time-saving strategies

Even the most experienced house cleaner works with a few tricks to save time and manage to be done with all the job required for the weekend. Try a few time-saving strategies like gathering all your tools in one place, in a basket or container that saves you a lot of time, instead of wandering around the house and not being able to find everything you need. In addition to the all-purpose cleaner, don’t forget to stock up your basket with products that are made to clean the toilet bowl, glass and the sinks. The clockwise routine is another helpful idea for saving up minutes, while you clean – simply start at the entrance of the room and clean from top to bottom, moving in a clockwise direction.