The summer season gets closer and closer and we are all excited about the upcoming holidays. Holidays are amazing – a time of relaxation and tranquillity, however, this cannot be said for the period before the holiday a.k.a. the organisation period. Especially if you are going to travel with your kids, but also if you are travelling alone, or in a couple, organising your luggage properly is what will help you a lot to have an unforgettable holiday, make sure you haven’t forgotten anything important and you can spend your time relaxing and feeling good, when you reach the dreamy destination. Here is what to do in order to make sure you travel well-organised:

  • First things first, the most important things you have to do is making sure that all the needed papers, documents, visa, tickets and passports are taken and placed in your hand luggage, or somewhere, where it is easy for you to reach them. Especially if you are going to fly, you are going to need these papers not just once at the airport. Always check if you bring everything needed for you, before leaving for the airport. If you are planning to visit a country or a place, you have never visited before, make sure in advance that you are prepared with all additional and required documents you might need.
  • Place all the electronics you are taking with you in your hand luggage. Laptops, Kindles, phones, iPods and anything else of that sort – don’t place them in your main check-in luggage.
  • Over-packing is a serious problem for many of us. The majority of the girls and women are real and over-packers that end up not even using the half of the stuff they have taken, but often required to pay extra cash for the extra pounds the luggage will weight at the airport check-in. If you are not flying and limited with the weight of your luggage, then this is not that big of a problem, after all. However, if you are flying, then you have to be very smart about what you are taking with you. Plan your outfits and don’t rely on packing them the last minute. A week earlier be sure to check the weather at the place you are going to, so you could know what to take with you. If the weather is going to change, while you are there, or you are visiting more than one place with a different climate, then your task is even harder. Because of that planning, your outfits will help a lot. Make sure to take versatile pieces that can make more than one clothing combination. Think comfort first and don’t take stuff that you are not sure that you are going to wear. For a week-long holiday – take one pyjama only and a few pairs of underwear. Take a picture of all your outfits you are planning to wear, to make it easier for you later on. Include a couple of pairs of shoes.
  • Put all toiletries and cosmetics in bags and double-bag to prevent leaks. Try to find travel size versions of your skincare products, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Place them in makeup bags and pouches to keep them all organised.
  • You can buy organisers for your other stuff too that will help you save some space. Purchase organisers for your clothes, shoes and accessories, to keep your luggage well organised and everything in place.
  • A bonus advice – before leaving for a holiday, make sure you left your home clean and tidy. There is nothing worse than coming back from a holiday in a messy house! If you don’t have enough time and energy to clean the house before leaving, there are many house and one-off cleaning professional services out there that can help!