The weather outside gets warmer and warmer with every day and although for now, it is still pretty hard to imagine spending the evening outside and eating your dinner under the starry sky in your garden, or on your patio, these days are not that far away. We know that if you have a garden and a barbeque or grill, then you are really excited for the upcoming warmer summer evenings, but before going to the supermarket to buy steaks, be sure your grill is prepared properly for the upcoming summer.

Summer is made for grilling really and the food tastes better than ever. But your steaks won’t taste that good and the whole grilling process won’t run that smoothly if your grill is not prepared properly. We understand that you maybe may miss this little detail like cleaning and maintaining your grill, because it is not a part of the usual house-cleaning routine and neither not an important aspect of the seasonal, spring one-off cleaning, however, it is something you do not have to miss to deal with, because of that today we provide you with an easy-to-follow and effective grill cleaning and maintenance step-by-step guide.

The inside

Most grills are not that sparkling clean inside and they need a bit of elbow grease to look like brand new. You can get rid of all the gunk and residue hiding inside your grill on the burners and grates by using a no-scratch sponge, or a nylon brush. You can even try using gently a wire brush on a steel on uncoated parts of the grill. After you are ready with brushing the gunk, then wash the inside of the grill with warm soapy water, rinse well and dry thoroughly to prevent rust. If the grates are already rusty, then consider replacing them with new ones.

The outside

Having a clean and well-maintained grill from outside is as important as cleaning it from inside in order to make it a pleasure for the eyes as well as maintain it in good condition for a longer time. You can achieve that by wiping the exterior of the grill with warm soapy water and then wipe them dry. In order to prevent streaks left on the stainless steel surfaces, you can use a specially designed stainless steel cleaner. You can touch up the surfaces that do not come in contact with the food with a high-heat spray paint if needed.


For extra safe and effective cleaning of the grill, just make sure the propane tank is turned off. Don’t forget to check out if the propane tank is ready for all those upcoming summer grill evenings too. You can start with a leak test by coating the regulator, valves and hoses with clean soapy water and then turn the tank on to pressurise the system. If bubbles appear, then there is leakage. Tighten the connectors and then try once again. If bubbles still appear, then it is maybe about time to replace the hose or the tank.