As people having pretty much an enviable experience and practice in the house and commercial cleaning area, we have noticed that clients often ask us to help them for some specific household tasks and this is a common situation. Well, there are different kinds of people on this planet, some of them enjoy cleaning and the process itself, others simply cannot be bothered with household duties and they prefer to neglect them, although everyone enjoys a sparkling clean house. Most of the people are willing to do the cleaning tasks around their house, however, everyone has their preferences and things that are significantly less enjoyable to do. Well, the most hated household tasks are different for the different people, however, we have decided to make a list of the 5 most popular household cleaning and maintenance pet peeves and a few recommendations and tips on how you can deal with them easily and make them more enjoyable (or at least bearable!).

Waiting for washing and floors to dry

This is probably number one most hated pet peeve for almost anyone. Wasting your precious in waiting and waiting for hours and hours is… well, certainly not an enjoyable moment. What to do? Although cleaning technology and techniques are now very advanced and innovative, there is still not a special method for making washing and floors to dry quicker. Ensuring good ventilation in the room, where the floors are located, is the simplest method to make them dry quicker. In addition, if you have wooden floors, wash them only with a damp mop and remove the excess water and liquids immediately, otherwise, you may cause some major issues. If it comes to your carpet, the best way is to hire professional carpet cleaning assistance. Professionals will not only clean the carpet to perfection but also reduce the drying time significantly.


The only worse thing than ironing is going out with creased clothes. However, ironing is one of those necessities that you cannot ignore. To make it easier for you, test the steam mobile ironing machines on the market since they work very effectively for different kinds of fabrics. If not, simply put on some good music and go ahead with ironing.

Window cleaning

Nobody has the time for window cleaning! However, what has to be done, have to be done. Our advice? Well, don’t be bothered with window cleaning anymore, simply hire the professionals to do it for you. It is easy, timely and affordable.

Removing food stains from the dishes

There are many ways to remove food stains from your dishes easily. For example, coca cola gets rid of the stains from a stainless still, baking soda is great for removing burnt-out food. Keep an eye on our blog for more ideas and tips.

Preparing your house for guests

Talking about real struggle and pressure! When having guests we want to present our house in its best light, make sure it feels cosy and inviting for everyone. However, making sure each and every corner and nook are sparkling clean is pretty challenging, especially when you have limited time to clean. Instead of wandering chaotically around the house, wondering what, to begin with, better hire a one-off professional cleaning service to do the job for you. After all, it won’t break the bank, so why not?