We at London City Cleaning that keeping the kitchen clean is one of the most challenging household tasks. In order to have and follow a kitchen cleaning and maintenance routine that is easy and simple, yet very effective and with a long-lasting effect, you are going to need some specific skills and tools. After all, anyone loves a sparkling clean kitchen that brings another cosy vibe to the house and gathers families bringing warmth. Although getting rid of all the greasy stubborn stains and everything else could be a big challenge, here are a few advice by our professional cleaners on how to easily transform the kitchen into a shiny and clean, sanitized and cosy place for anyone in the family.

  • Stainless steel and fingerprints? Well, this is very, very boring! Fingerprints appear like magic on stainless steel during nighttime and we are sure that some sort of fairies is included in the process, otherwise, how is it possible polished steel to get stained without anyone touching it?! You can prevent fingerprints on stainless steel easily by wiping them with a bit of baby oil on a clean cloth.
  • Burnt-on food on stainless steel is another problem many of us face. In fact, removing a burnt-out food is not that easy and the stains are pretty stubborn, but here is what works the best if you ask us – boil a cup of cola for a few minutes in the stained stainless steel pan, then empty out and scrub away the excess with a sponge.
  • For a clean and fresh-smelling microwave, put a bow with water and half of a lemon and for around three minutes and that way dirt will loosen up, so you can then easily wipe it off with a cloth and make your microwave look like a brand new and smell fresh and enjoyable.
  • If you want to prevent dust and dirt to accumulate on the kitchen cupboards, then line them with some kind of mats and be sure to change or wash them regularly.
  • Do you suffer from flies? Kitchen areas often face this kind of problem, because food works as a magnet for flies. In order to make them go away, place a vase with lavender in it somewhere around the kitchen area, or use one of those decorative bags filled with dried lavender. The lavender scent will make flies go away.
  • Coffee and tea stains can be easily removed from the bottom of a mug by swilling white vinegar around the bottom.
  • Stainless steel details and tops are easily polished with the help of microfiber cloth. Wiping the steel surfaces with microfiber cloth guarantees great shine and no stains left.
  • Tomato-based red sauces usually leave stains and colour plastic containers in red. In order to prevent colouration, spray the plastic food containers with non-stick cooking spray.
  • Line your grill with aluminium foil. Aluminium foil could be removed when greasy easier than scrubbing all the grease from the grill.
  • Be sure to follow a simple, but regular kitchen cleaning routine. This will prevent hours spend in scrubbing all tops and counters later.

Finally, if you simply cannot be bothered with scrubbing the kitchen all the time remember, there is always a one-off cleaning company on handy for you!