Carpets are, normally, one of the spots in every property where dust and dirt are accumulated the most and that cannot be maintained perfectly even with regular house cleaning. It is because of the texture of carpets, where dirt particles are really easy to be caught in between the fibres of the carpet. Having a proper and effective cleaning routine at home as a carpet owner is, of course, very essential for a healthy and safe environment, especially if you or a family member suffers allergies caused by dust. However, the manual weekly carpet cleaning usually works only on the surface and can’t handle debris, which is deeper. In this case, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is recommended every other month, so you can make sure you keep a high level of hygiene in your property.

Bringing cleanliness and tidiness in your home

Carpets, although really easy to maintain and keep in good condition type of flooring, need some additional attention from time to time. The same applies to hard floors and their need of hard floor maintenance, so there is nothing to do about that. Debris, dirt particles and dust are really easy to be imported from outside the house and because of the texture of the carpets, they get caught in between and stay there. The usual daily vacuuming routine, in this case, won’t be enough to make sure every square of the carpet is perfectly clean, so professional carpet cleaning team is a must.

Your experienced professional cleaning provider

What differs professional and ordinary carpet cleaning? As a professional company with a lot of experience and knowledge accumulated for the years we operate in London, we at London City Cleaning are a team of experts in our field, trained in the best carpet cleaning methods, according to the highest standards for safety, hygiene and quality. Professional deep cleaning is more than just vacuuming because it requires specific skills for commanding quality heavy-duty machines, specially designed for cleaning all the dirt from the carpet and being gentle to it, without destroying its texture and colour. The professional equipment we work with “injects” quality products in the carpet, which attack the stubborn dirt and stains and are quickly removed with a special system. All the products we count on for our job are the highest quality available on the London market, specially created for carpets and non-toxic and safe. They are free of allergens and completely safe for small children and pets, also. This in-depth system is suitable for every type of carpet and will remove any type of dirt and stain, including beverage and food spills and stains and the strong smell, pet urine, blood and grass stains, rust, grease, oils and many more.

Get rid of the stubborn stains – the best carpet cleaning

Our carpet cleaning team is very disciplined, respectful and well-organised. We know that not everyone would enjoy letting strangers at their home, however, our specialists are vetted and background-checked, working in the field for so many years. They perfectly know how to balance timescales and budgets and work with minimum disruption to your day-to-day life. We are flexible in working time and can visit your property in a convenient for you time, working while you are at home, or not. In addition, the prices we offer a very reasonable, so you will enjoy a quality and correct carpet cleaning service in London at very affordable price.