As a true and hard-working professional we are, we strive everything we do to reflect our professionalism and dedication. Especially when it comes to serving other professionals in their fields, where the standards are higher. For example, our cleaning services for landlords and estate agents as well the office cleaning services we provide business facility managers with, are the highest quality, understanding all the requirements of our busy schedule clients in London.

When it comes to real estate business, the good presentation is the key to success. Although the neat, tidy, clean and inviting working space is essential for every business, estate agents just sell good looks. In that case, if you are working in this field, or you are a landlord, you know how important it is to have every square meter of the property shiny clean and that even the most expensive property with designer furniture and pieces of art on the walls just doesn’t look alright if not clean and fresh.

If you are a landlord or an estate agent searching for an easy and affordable way to add even more value to the property you sell or manage, you will be surprised how much potential and transforming power the cleaning services for landlords and estate agents we offer in London have. It is easy to tell how the fresh and clean property makes a really big difference and is most likely to be sold in less time and at higher price.

Eco-friendly cleaning suppliers and experienced professionals

However, finding a reliable and vetted company to offer cleaning services to landlords and estate agents in London is not the easiest job. At London City Cleaning we pride ourselves in matching a lot of expertise and knowledge with a lot of hard work and dedication, attention to details and, of course, respect to our clients and their visions, ideas and requirements. We deliver the service we would expect from a house cleaning company and we don’t compromise with quality. We are trained according to the highest standards of hygiene, health and safety to deliver the quality every professional and estate agent expects. We also work with highest quality products and equipment, which are completely safe, non-toxic and don’t provoke allergens and all this makes us your best choice in London without a doubt, because we recognise your requirements and keep them in mind until you are completely pleased with the final result.

Cleaning services for landlords and estate agents is a very wide topic and, in general, we absolutely always custom-tailor our services to the individual needs and preferences. However, here is a short list of the best services we recommend if you are a landlord or an estate agent:

  • Beginning and end of tenancy cleaning
  • Regular professional deep cleaning
  • One-off professional
  • Carpet and hard floor maintenance
  • Upholstery, window and bathroom cleaning

If you have personal preferences and requirements, share them with us and we will keep them in mind. If you feel you need some more information on the topic, we will be more than happy to assist you and answer your questions also giving our expert advice. Feel free to call us on 020 3696 9499, or leave us a message on and we will answer as soon as possible.