London City Cleaning offers an easy and quick access to our price list and quotes that are completely free and no-obligational for our domestic and commercial clients and customers in London. We think that giving you the chance to roughly know the overall charge for the services we offer and you are interested in will help you make a better decision. Based on our affordable prices our clients are often surprised with the high quality and dedication we deliver and we are more than happy to guarantee to our customers such thorough and precise cleaning services and ensure in the same time that our prices can fit anyone’s budget. In addition, our free quotations will help you plan your budget better and because of that be able to decide on the cleaning services you prefer and you are really in need of.

Learning more about the prices and charges of London City Cleaning’s cleaning services is now very easy. We try to offer an extremely comfortable and customer-friendly interface that is easy and quick to use. Simply use to form below and see for yourself how much the cleaning service would cost. Please, keep in mind that the price shown below is not final and the final charge for the service is a matter of further discussion and agreement between both sides. Use our quotations as a guide to help you roughly orientate.