The flooring of your house or working place – the most functional part of the interior, yet the most being a subject of issues. No matter the type of flooring, be it wood, stone, or even manufactured by man-made materials, every floor suffers a lot of high traffic and high level of everyday use, which leads to some serious issues and quicker wear and tear in case even the smaller imperfections are neglected. In addition, natural material floors also can be a subject of the impact of the environment, which occurs their natural structure, stability and characteristics. For example, the wood floor’s biggest enemy is moisture, humidity and temperature extremes, which can lead to major problems with time. No matter the materials used, having a proper maintenance routine, which includes a proper hard floor cleaning routine and carpet cleaning and maintenance is the key to keep the floor in flawless condition for a very long time. If you hesitate what the proper routine is, or you need some professional help, be sure to get in touch with London City Cleaning!

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Cleaning hard floors is not that easy job and every type of flooring needs it specific and individual approach. However, no matter the type of flooring, you have to make sure you have the proper approach, which is effective enough to get rid of the dirt build-ups, finer scratches and dents, worn patches and stubborn stains and is also gentle enough not to scratch and distress the sleek surface. Choosing the right cleaning products is also an essential part of the whole project and you have to skip products and equipment, which are not created and designed for the particular material, be it wood, stone, or anything else. Our hard floor cleaning specialists are trained in the best and time-proven successful techniques and maintenance methods. Years of experience and accumulating knowledge with every project in London and our constant striving to develop and improve our working approach allows us to easily settle on the best maintenance approach for the individual project, because we are always custom-tailoring our services in order to answer the specific requirements and needs of the London project.

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However, when it comes to hardwood floors, it is not only about the cleaning approach. Wood and stone are very popular options for many residential and commercial properties in London and this is great because they are truly long-lasting and if maintained the proper way, they can last more than a hundred years. Those both types of hard floors have many benefits, the main out of them being the chance to completely transform and renovate them when needed.

One of the most popular services in terms of renovation and revamp for real wood floors is sanding. Sanding is the process of removing the old and worn finish from the surface of the floor and also the most of the finer imperfections from the surface of the bare wood underneath until the floor is completely sleek and smooth and the colour and texture are uniforms. The same type of service is recommended for distressed and scratched real stone floors and it’s called honing. Here at London City Cleaning you can expect very professionally delivered sanding and honing services in London. Don’t hesitate to address your hard floor maintenance questions to us as well as request more house cleaning information whenever you need some and we will respond as quickly as possible!